Finance Industry Solutions

If time is money, no other sector relies on fast data processing and retrieval like the finance sector. Sound finance decisions demand dependable, real-time information and swift and secure transactions. 

Ictual delivers reliability with solutions that combine our finance Industry knowledge and system integration capabilities to exceed your expectations every time.

Ictual has many years of experience working with banks, insurance companies, finance departments, mortgage providers and pension funds in supporting their digital transformation.


Digital payments

While there are many payment solutions out there, big names often, that service major credit card brands and international retail and banking concerns, our mission is to provide a world-class experience to under-served communities. Communities that are often excluded by economies of scale and market maturity.



  • e-commerce: online payment gateway using 3 domain security and 2-factor SMS based authentication schemes 
  • merchant plugin for seamless webshop integration
  • APIs for mobile app integration
  • merchant and payment processor portals
  • bill payment and balance recharge
  • peer-to-peer mobile payments
  •  mobile wallet app for Android and iOS



Financial inclusion

  • Easy onboarding for funds and payment providers
  • Easy onboarding of merchants and consumers

World-class experience

  • Easy and intuitive interaction flows for end-users
  • Omni-channel – feature phone to mobile apps

Data first

  • Interaction and processing data available for stakeholders


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OmniChannel Digital banking

In 2018 Ictual joined forces with NETinfo to deliver leading mobile banking solutions in the Caribbean and LATAM regions.


Mobile is one of the most important channels supported by the NETinfo Digital Banking Platform. This banking solution covers the needs of retail, corporate and high net worth individuals, and provides the swift and accessible service that customers increasingly seek today.

NETinfo enables easy and effortless integration with any core banking & third-party system, making
the solution fully adaptable to the banks existing infrastructure and transparent to any possible future
infrastructure changes/enhancements. NETinfo is constantly being updated and developed to create
a superior omnichannel e-Banking Solution and remain one step ahead of other competitors.
NETinfo has been consistently recognized and publicized as one of the top players in digital banking
and omnichannel solutions in Forrester’s annual review reports between 2014-2017.


Digital in-store banking

 Traditional consumer banking envolves numerous paper documents and processes that need to be verified and approved to create even more new documents that need to be processed in multiple core systems. Such paper processes take way to much time in today's instant world.

Getting rid of all of the above is what Ictual's solution has proven to do. 

Digital mortgage processing

Digital capture and processing of account opening, personal loans, mortgages, and many more processes run along predefined paths and people that are guided to efficient and effective task completion.

The end result is up 60% increase in productivity!

"As our processing times are reduced drastically, Ictual's Bank flow solution is indispensable in our operations and has quickly become our most important system next to our core banking solution" - Banco di Caribe


Financial Insight

A business intelligence solution developed to provide in-depth financial analysis and consolidation of financial data. 


Key features include 

  • Analyze data from one or more financial administrations
  • Get insights from any dimension and at any depth using a smart set of predefined dashboards and reports with drill-through capabilities.
  • Compatible with the major financial administration system
  • Members at all levels of your organization are supported with analysis tools and reports in a secure and controlled environment.


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Mortgage and loans administration

iMSL - mortgage and loans

 iMSL manages your mortgages, and loans portfolio while engaging users in customized workflows to record and generate all required case documentation. It supports a modular setup; a flexible yet standardized solution for achieving tailor-made satisfaction.

Key features are:

  • Customizable calculation of interest and amortization schedules and the registration of subscriptions.
  • Monitoring and controlling of the financial funds' allocation for construction planning.
  • Registration of the basic customer data required for mortgage lending.
  • Registration of targets, tasks, and reminders for individual mortgage cases to be followed in the calendar.
  • automatic archiving of correspondence in the mortgage lending process.
  • Supports the complete loan life cycle, from application to maturity.
  • Configurable setup for workflow, authorization, and auditing.


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