Digital payments

While there are many payment solutions out there, big names often, that service major credit card brands and international retail and banking concerns, our mission is to provide a world-class experience to under-served communities. Communities that are often excluded by economies of scale and market maturity.



  • e-commerce: online payment gateway using 3 domain security and 2-factor SMS based authentication schemes 
  • merchant plugin for seamless webshop integration
  • APIs for mobile app integration
  • merchant and payment processor portals
  • bill payment and balance recharge
  • peer-to-peer mobile payments
  •  mobile wallet app for Android and iOS



Financial inclusion

  • Easy onboarding for funds and payment providers
  • Easy onboarding of merchants and consumers

World-class experience

  • Easy and intuitive interaction flows for end-users
  • Omni-channel – feature phone to mobile apps

Data first

  • Interaction and processing data available for stakeholders


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