Telecom Industry Solutions

Since 2004 Ictual has been delivering solutions for the telecom industry in the Caribbean. What started as a challenge to develop SMS based applications has become a passion for telecommunications. Ictual, formerly known as T-Sparx, is committed to continuing delivering solutions that add value to the lives of telecom subscribers and services providers alike.



Jiver Subscriber self-care

Jiver is a suite of applications that enables telecom operators to get more revenue from their investments while boosting customer satisfaction.

Jiver Subscriber Self CareConsumers want control, access and instant delivery of service. Our self-care solution suite offers mobile apps, web portals, kiosks, and other channels to enable operators to engage with customers in an easy, effective and efficient way. 

This solution enables telecom operators to define products once and release through multiple channels. It integrates with industry-leading (backend and billing) software to provide automated delivery and provisioning of service.

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Jiver Merchant Services

Merchant Services

A key challenge for telecom operators is making sure they keep generating revenue from their customers. Eliminating friction in payment collection is therefor a critical goal.

Jiver Merchant Services implements tools for telecom operators to engage with merchant channels to collect top-up and bill payments. Transactions are verified and processed in real-time.

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Telecom operators and businesses in general often struggle with maintaining a proper directory of people of interest. Especially in the case of telecom operators, it is often a regulatory requirement to offer this service to subscribers.

By eliminating printing and authoring tasks our phonebook app eliminates several costs around publishing a subscriber directory. It adds unlimited ways to categorize records and offers more dynamic capabilities to address monetization of the data. 

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2operate Network management


2solve process


In 2018 Ictual joined forces with 2operate to deliver leading OSS solutions for service and network performance management. 2solve reduces OPEX while improving network quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

2solve has an underlying reasoning engine – a brain – that makes it unique from other OSS tools: In addition to performance data and alarms provided by traditional OSS tools, 2solve adds a built-in extra layer of intelligence based on knowledge, experience, and automated reasoning. It thus features a unique diagnostics center.

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