Put your telecoms business at your customers’ fingertips in an instant

Telecoms providers today encounter a wide range of challenges and difficulties…

Virtual store
At a time when interaction between telecoms providers and their customers is more important than ever, accessibility and personal interactions with customers are falling short due to social distancing regulations. Customers simply aren’t coming to your brick-and-mortar stores anymore. 

Jiver CS2x makes it easy for you to safely and seamlessly bring your services directly to your customers without the need for face-to-face interaction. It’s like a virtual store where customers can access all of the services you provide and manage their accounts without leaving the comfort of their home. Putting some control in the hands of your customers increases customer satisfaction, which in turn prevents them from switching to competing services. It also means less churn and less revenue lost.

Customizable plans
Every customer is unique. When it comes to the services you provide, they want to be guided and advised based on their budget and lifestyle so they can make an informed decision about which package best suits their needs.

To deal with this challenge, marketing departments constantly work to create a magical one-size-fits-all subscription service, featuring a range of predefined packages.

But what if your customers aren’t happy with the subscription plans you offer? Perhaps you are losing them to competitors, churn is growing, and you’re quickly losing revenue. Meanwhile, the marketing department continuously refines the packages, creating confusion, growing overhead and high marketing costs.

It’s clear that modern customers want to be able to create and customize their subscriptions based on their specific needs.

With the Jiver CS2x mobile app and platform, you can allow your customer to create their own plan or choose from a range of predefined plans that best suit their needs. Creating these predefined plans is quick and easy within the Jiver platform.

Development and deployment
Most of the time, the development and configuration of new products and campaigns is time-consuming, putting a lot of stress and pressure on marketing and IT departments.

As the marketing department continuously come up with new and changing requirements, the development budget steadily decreases.

Jiver, the platform behind the Jiver CS2x mobile application, enables you to quickly and easily implement your IT department’s requests by making integration with your BSS and OSS seamless. This means that the financial and time costs of developing and deploying new services decreases and becomes affordable again.