Customer Engagement

Customer experience is everything! You could have the best products and processes in place and customers still initially choose providers with the sleakest web portal, most engaging apps and most relevant information available.

Customers want the convenience they get when interacting with big brand names that invest millions to achieve a super customer experience.

The technology used to get world-class customer experience is available to you through or products and services.


 Web Forms

Forms are the gold standard when it comes to capturing leads, service requests and even learning about your customers.

Whether you want to make a contact form, a service request form, or a survey; web forms are the way to go.

Once completed forms start rolling in, you'll want to manage the entries, export them to a spreadsheet or pdf document or forward them to a document and/or workflow management system.

Ictual WebForms offers all of the above and more...


  • Eliminates errors - Reduce or even eliminate human error due to illegible handwriting, incorrect calculations, missed form fields. 
  • Speed - Reduce data collection, data analysis and report compilation time.
  • Security - Eliminates the possibility of paper loss, damage and storage.
  • Efficiency - Instant access to forms data. Collect, verify and associate files, images and videos.
  • Connection - Designed to integrate with existing web sites and back end systems 


  • Manage unlimited number or forms
  • Re-use form sections
  • Integrate with websites and back-end systems
  • Auto-generate documents and notifications
  • Your own branding
  • Form calculations and validations
  • Workflow
  • Reports
  • User authentication and authorization


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 Cutting edge ux

When exploring digital transformation, customer experience is a great place to start. In order to attract and retain customers the experience of interacting with you is key. Traditionally, people skills and customer service training would be the way to go. However, consumers require more and more that you offer an easy, effective and seamless digital experiences which they can use any time anywhere. 

An omnichannel approach is best when you have a diverse customer base or you want to engage in dissimilar user contexts.

We can help you translate customer engagement needs and develop attractive customer journeys tailored to your needs.  Want to know more...?


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