A paperless bank

Banco di Caribe makes leaps in becoming a more innovative bank by going paperless using JOIN Workflow Automation..

Solutions used: 

  • JOIN Workflow Automation
  • Ictual Forms Portal
  • ICTual Bank Integrator 


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In 2010, Banco di Caribe (BdC), one of the largest local commercial banks headquartered in Curaçao, with offices in Aruba, Bonaire, and St. Maarten, made the strategic decision to bring innovation to the banking world. This decision brought with it that they needed a partner with the knowledge and experience of working with digital solutions that were tailored to their objectives.

Some examples of these objectives were:

  • Reducing paper use within the bank
  • Optimize current workflows and also create new ones
  • The implementation of a digital, centralized data system
  • Reduce time between loan application and disbursement
  • Introduce a document management system
  • Increase overall process efficiency


“The solution offered by ICTual was easy to understand and clear to implement. From the beginning, it was clear that there was a lot of experience in-house at Ictual.”

- Gionelly Seferina, Senior Manager Back Office Operations


Case evaluation:
Before 2010, BdC operated more paper-based, with a high printing volume. From account opening to loan applications; most services that the bank offered required a lot of printing and consequently more use of paper. This meant that most processes required lots of manpower to execute. Having such a labor-intensive process carried the following downfalls:

  • Long and labor-intensive approval stages 
  • High cost of printing 
  • Services took place physically at the bank
  • Lack of a digitally centralized data point for optimized data entry and retrieval


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Proposed Solution: 

The solution that ICT proposed to BdC was the JOIN Workflow Automation system. JOIN is the premier solution for businesses making the step toward digital transformation. This system lets you execute all your processes faster, more efficiently, and more transparently.

With JOIN, we guarantee: 

  • Significantly reduced use of paper
  • Minimal manual processes
  • Remote collaboration with colleagues

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“JOIN was a much-needed service. It helped us with time management, saving paper, data centralization, and improving our banking performances.”

- Zauly Sille, Customer Sales and Services Officer


By carefully analyzing the objectives and timeframe given by BdC, we were able to define the implementation phases together with BdC's IT department. In order to achieve the successful integration of this new system, BdC made sure that all end-users of this system were up-to-date on the developments while our team made sure that the team was ready to use the system once it was ready to go live.

“Ictual started with information for all our staff and afterward we got much support from the team during and after the implementation of the system.”
- Angelo Barbolina, Branch Manager

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The close teamwork between our Ictualizers and the BdC team definitely ensured that the bank was able to achieve the desired objectives that they've set up until now. Looking forward, we have several other projects in the pipeline that will ensure that Banco di Caribe continues to innovate and redefine the standards of a commercial bank in the Dutch Caribbean region.

"We focused on creating more operational efficiencies and reducing the use of paper was one of our main areas of attention."

- Fons Simon, CEO and Management Director

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