MyDutyRoster (MijnDienstRooster)

Delivering a complete solution to schedule your staff as effectively and efficiently as possible and optimize utilization.

We think that this is only possible with a tool that meets your needs and supports your entire planning process.


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive planning and scheduling solution that optimizes the utilization of your staff.
mDr (short for mijnDienstRooster / myDutyRoster) Workforce Management provides a solution that fits your needs and supports the entire planning process.

We see planning and scheduling not as a one-time or recurring process but as a continuously ongoing activity where all people involved have their role.

Employees need to have insight in their planning and have specific needs about their assignments.


Customers want to have their resource related requirements secured and fullfilled.

Planners want to understand the availability of their staff and other resources and preferably have a schedule automatically created based on their shifts.

Please see our mDR site for more info.