Web Forms

Forms are the gold standard when it comes to capturing leads, service requests and even learning about your customers.

Whether you want to make a contact form, a service request form, or a survey; web forms are the way to go.

Once completed forms start rolling in, you'll want to manage the entries, export them to a spreadsheet or pdf document or forward them to a document and/or workflow management system.

Ictual WebForms offers all of the above and more...


  • Eliminates errors - Reduce or even eliminate human error due to illegible handwriting, incorrect calculations, missed form fields. 
  • Speed - Reduce data collection, data analysis and report compilation time.
  • Security - Eliminates the possibility of paper loss, damage and storage.
  • Efficiency - Instant access to forms data. Collect, verify and associate files, images and videos.
  • Connection - Designed to integrate with existing web sites and back end systems 


  • Manage unlimited number or forms
  • Re-use form sections
  • Integrate with websites and back-end systems
  • Auto-generate documents and notifications
  • Your own branding
  • Form calculations and validations
  • Workflow
  • Reports
  • User authentication and authorization


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