Oracle DBA Services

Helping businesses of all sizes manage and maintain their Oracle databases while ensuring the reliability, security, and efficiency of their database environments.

Oracle Database Administration(DBA) Services are designed to help businesses manage and maintain their Oracle databases, ensuring optimal performance, security, and availability. With a range of services including database installation, configuration, performance tuning, and backup and recovery, our DBA Services are the ultimate solution for businesses looking to manage their database environments more effectively.


Flexible workforce on-premise

Many companies do not have the knowledge on how to effectively manage the databases that store their valuable data or simply have no need for a full-time Database Administrator (DBA) in their organization. Remote database administration is a perfect solution for these companies. Ictual can deliver these remote or on-premise services through a team of experienced DBAs.


  • Advise on Oracle licensing. Oracle databases come in many different versions, each with its own licensing costs. Keep your costs to a minimum by selecting the right version with the right options for your company’s needs. 
  • Advise on running your databases on-premise or in the cloud. Cloud databases may have many advantages over on-premise databases including cost reduction.
  • Set up development and test environments. Help your organization to set up secure and isolated development and test environments for software development and testing.
  • Proactive monitoring of the performance and growth of your databases. Continuous monitoring of your databases can aid in taking proactive measures before real problems arise.
  • Analyze the impact of software upgrades. Perform database upgrades to ensure that your company is running on software that is supported by Oracle. 


Our DBA Services are ideal for businesses of all sizes that use Oracle databases. Whether you're a small business with a single database instance or a large enterprise with complex database environments, our services can help you manage and maintain your databases more effectively.


Oracle Database Administration Services are the ultimate solution for businesses looking to manage and maintain their Oracle databases more effectively. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a proactive approach to database management, businesses can rest assured that their databases are always running smoothly and efficiently. So why wait? Visit our website today and discover the power of our Oracle Database Administration Services for your business.

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