"As our processing times have reduced drastically, Ictual's BankFlow solution is indispensable in our operations. BankFlow has quickly become our most important system next to our core banking solution." 

- Gionelly Seferina, Banco di Caribe

Traditional consumer banking envolves numerous paper documents and processes that need to be verified and approved. To end up creating even more new documents that need to be processed in multiple core systems. Such paper processes take way to much time in today's instant world.

Getting rid of all of the above is what Ictual's BankFlow solution has proven to do. 


BankFlow fully digitalizes the workflow of account opening, personal loan application, mortgage application, and many more retail and corporate banking processes. They run along predefined digital paths and bank employees are guided trough fast, efficient and effective task completion. All while improving customer service, compliance, data quality and information governance.

Implementing BankFlow results in up to 60% increase in productivity.


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