Decos JOIN Case and Document Management for e-Governement


Say goodbye to paper-covered desks, rows of filing cabinets, and complicated document sharing with colleagues. With JOIN, you’re going fully digital. JOIN enables colleagues to closely cooperate – no matter their location. The latest documents can easily and simultaneously be viewed, edited and shared, using your customary Microsoft or Open Office software in a seamless manner.


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JOIN is a market leader in case management and document management systems (DMS). JOIN has streamlined the case-oriented work processes of over one hundred municipalities and Island governments enabling e-governement initiatives. About 400 additional organizations are using JOIN’s DMS to optimize internal collaboration. The JOIN case management system includes amongst others e-forms, case types, agenda management, meetings management, formal administrative decision management, and digital signatures.

JOIN also takes your customer contact service center and e-services to the next level with its Citizen Contact software solution.

Ictual is master Reseller for JOIN in the Caribbean and has partnered with Decos in the Netherlands to provide an ISO certified state of the art solution for e-Government. Click here or contact us for more information.




Ictual has realized many succesful implementations in Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, Surinam and other Caribbean jurisdictions.

Or download our withe paper on going paperless here.

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