Ictual wins overall Curacao Innovation Award 2020!

04 December, 2020

Ictual is Proud to be the overall winner of the Curacao Innovation award 2020!

The Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) annually grants the Curaçao Innovation Award. This award is presented to businesses and organizations with the best recent innovation.

The Curaçao Innovation Award started in 1996 by InnovatieCentrum Curacao (ICC). Nowadays the prize is organized by CITI organization that emerged in 2014 from the organizations ICC and Stimul-IT.


Ictual spokes person Nathaniel Zoetrum after just receiving the award during the ceremony broadcast on National TeleVision

Winning the award in 2020 is a tribute to Ictual's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, but also to its spirit of always wanting to give back to the community. The winning innovation, an app that gives its users the ability to track the location of Carnival parades in real time, caters to a big need of the parade visitors: Do I have time to go for a walk? Is the parade almost here? When should I leave the house? Which number is my BFF’s Carnival group so I can go stand and wait at the fence? These are the questions locals as well as visiting tourists want answered most, during the island's biggest yearly cultural event.


Where is it?!

As Ictual we would like to give a big thank you to the general public of Curacao for believing in the "Und' e Kabes Ta?" app and downloading it by the thousands!


Trending in the Google playstore during Carnival 2020

Also thanks to our advertisers in taking the first steps together with us! And of course to our Ictual APS team (and supporting crew!) in taking the initiative for the UKT app and making it a reality! We would furthermore like to congratulate all the other participants and prize winners in this year's competition and their outstanding contributions in the Junior, Business and Social Innovation categories. Last but not least: thanks Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute for organizing this inspiring event fueling our islands innovation!

Ictual: continous improvement and continous innovation in the digital era!

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