Ictual launches new Telecom SAAS product, BankIntegrator!

12 July, 2022

The telecom industry has been facing several challenges in recent years. One of their biggest being how to implement effective digital sales and distribution channels as e-commerce offerings are often lagging behind. Not to mention dealing with the ever-increasing demand from consumers to provide them with instant and reliable services at all times. This had led our team to develop a product suited for the challenges faced today.

For over 15 years, we have been providing IT solutions for telecommunications and with the recent developments in the industry, we turned our attention to solving the challenge faced by many; payment integration with banks. 

Introducing  BankIntegrator . As the name suggests, BankIntegrator uses its unique end-to-end solution to seamlessly connect Telecom and utility providers with banks and financial institutes in order to automate bill payments and core balance TopUps. The introduction of automated payments eliminates the need for human interaction thus reducing financial overhead. Not only that, but service providers can now provide their consumers with an improved user experience which contributes to higher-retained customer loyalty. 

Automated bank payments, reduced overhead, and increased customer loyalty. This is BankIntegrator. 

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