Oracle Announces New AI Features at CloudWorld 2023

06 October, 2023

This year's exciting Oracle CloudWorld conference took place in Las Vegas from September 18th to 21st. Ino Laurensse, teamleader and Oracle expert at Ictual, came back from this event with a wealth of new ideas, skills, and solutions to propel our clients further along their cloud journey.


CloudWorld is the best place to explore every Oracle solution, all under one roof. Leaders from small to multinational businesses share experiences, best practices, and success stories. Deep dive sessions and hands-on labs deliver the tips, tricks, and insights to help us and our clients further on their path to the cloud.

With the rising popularity of ChatGPT, it was no wonder that CloudWorld focussed on AI, Machine Learning, Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI. With cloud services like Language, Speech, Vision and Document Understanding, Oracle Cloud covers many AI services that can help optimize your day to day business processes.

During CloudWorld, Oracle announced the beta version of Generative AI Services, an exciting new service to scan, classify and summarize incoming text, or generate text in any style or tone. Unlike ChatGPT, which only uses publicly available information from the internet, Oracle Generative AI adds your own data into the mix. For this, Oracle partnered with Cohere, the current leader in AI platforms for enterprises.
Together with this new service, Oracle released the latest long term database release 23c. This new release is fully prepared for AI technology and includes Oracle Vector Database for classifying and searching in unstructured data like images and documents.


We were excited to hear about Oracle's commitment to APEX, one of Ictuals preferred Oracle application development frameworks. For Oracle Cloud customers, APEX will include code generators that take natural language prompts to help with application development.


Here at Ictual we consider ourselves to be your partner, equipped with the latest insights into Oracle's most advanced cloud technologies and solutions. We invite you to reach out to us for any inquiries regarding Oracle or the  conference topics mentioned above. Together, we'll transform the cloud's potential into your reality. Your success is our mission, and Oracle CloudWorld has once again inspired us in achieving it!


About the writer

Ino Laurensse is Senior IT Consultant at Ictual Curaçao. He started using Oracle products in 1992, as an intern at Oracle, The Netherlands. Ever since, he has been expanding his knowledge of the Oracle database and development environments. His experience includes Database and PL/SQL, Forms and Reports, and APEX.


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