Calculate Cost Savings for your organization when going paperless

In the world of Document and Case Management there is an overwhelming amount of information in relation to "Return On Investment'. The information can be divided in clear and visible cost reductions versus increased productivity per person, department or process. These numbers have been gathered by research organizations like PWC, Gartner, Forrester and AIIM, amongst others.

None of the information is readily accessible or centrally available however. So it is difficult for organizations to estimate their ROI when investing in a DMS.

This ROI calculator offers you an indication on your average return on investment without having to do the research in all the underlying data.

The philosophy of the ROI calculator is to give you an answer based on averages from the marketplace. The ROI calculation will assume a typical first time implementation which usually is quite straightforward and not too complicated.

Based on the number of users we will take into account the following:

  • User Licenses needed including standard modules
  • Typical implementation project cost
  • Maintenance fees over the 3 to 5 year period
  • Client side personnel time investment (training and project management) 

The Calculation will give you an estimate on your ROI over a five year period, the estimated break even moment. 

Please enter the number of employees you think will be part of the initial implementation and their estimated average gross monthly salary.

The ROI calculation will be emailed to you within as soon as possible after clicking submit, as it wil require some processing.

  • The Calculation will give you an estimate on your ROI over a five year period
  • Also it will give you an estimate of the break even moment
  • Get an idea of the amount of costs your organization will save after implementing a DMS
  • This will allow you to make an informed decision on whether it's a smart decision to start up the project
  • Get a rough estimate of the implementation costs

In order for us to give you a clear estimate of your Return on Investment in an DMS, please fill out the details!