Celebrating Pride: it's time for social innovation

29 September, 2021

In the last 10 to 15 years, one of the most used words in business has been the word “Innovation”. Oftentimes when people refer to innovation, it's in the context of technology. If you look up the word innovation in the dictionary, the word "innovate" means “to make changes in something established” - Oxford.

For more than 25 years, ICT has been focused on innovating within the digital realm. However, being an innovator also goes beyond the products and services that we provide. Better yet, innovation is integrated into the fabric of our organization. 

Supporting the global movement of Pride is more than raising a flag once a year. It's also about continuously innovating our culture and mindset. Ictual consists of unique individuals. We span a wide age range, we come in all shapes and sizes, handicapped or not, with different religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, colors, and different sexual orientations. This is our contribution to foster not only tolerance but true inclusion and acceptance in our community. 

This is not the time for more segregation, but rather it is the time for unity across all borders. We believe that supporting Pride is not only a push for cultural innovation, it's so much more; it's about true inclusion and acceptance. It is time that we as a nation not only focus on upgrading to the latest technology, but rather upgrade our mindset in this direction. A mindset where there's no distinction between people, a mindset where everyone can be themselves, a mindset where we work with passion, and most importantly a mindset where everyone is allowed to express their love for whoever they want. 

It's more than just a flag, it's time for social innovation. 

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