The launch of St. Maartens's new telecom mobile app!

01 March, 2023

Ictual congratulates TelEm Group on the successful launch of their new MyTelEm mobile application!


The new TelEm app introduces TelEm’s customers to two new main features; TelTV+ and One Day Passes. TelTV+ offers users the ease of on-demand streaming Television (IPTV) with more than 200 channels whilst One Day Passes offers TelEm customers the opportunity to enable internet connectivity on demand; all through the mobile application without the need for using SMS Messages. 

As consumer needs shift towards more tailor-made experiences, the new "MyTelEm" app offers a range of features that will enhance the user experience and provide greater convenience and flexibility to TelEm Group's mobile customers. Amongst the new features, we’ve focused on the user-friendly interface and intuitive design, which make it easy for customers to manage their accounts, track their usage, and stay up-to-date with the latest promotions and offers. The app also offers a range of payment options, including credit card and mobile money, which will help customers easily manage their bills and avoid any service disruptions.

As the technology provider for the new app, it has been quite the journey and we are proud of the technology provided. At Ictual, we believe that technology should make people's lives easier and more convenient, and the "MyTelEm" app is a perfect example of this. We are proud to be associated with TelEm Group, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver innovative solutions that exceed their customers' expectations; also known as #enjoyabledigitaljourneys.

Once again, congratulations to TelEm Group on the successful launch of "My TelEm"! We are excited to see the positive impact this app will have on their customers and the mobile industry as a whole.

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