Professional Services

You need people who understand your business but are also capable of translating those needs into solutions quickly and effectively. We have an awesome team of Business Consultants, Software engineers, Product Specialists complemented by a team of helpdesk employees. 

The primary goal of our consultants is to help you get the most value from the solutions we deliver.

Find out how we can help.


solution delivery

Our approach to solution delivery involves straight forward steps.

High-level business requirements are collected and transformed into a proposal that includes your goals and business objectives, the scope, but also a high-level solution overview, activity plan, and a duration indication where possible.

After customer approval, a detailed delivery plan is agreed and technical delivery can commence. The solution is deployed in an acceptance test environment. After testing is complete training is provided to the organization and the solution deployed in production. During and after go-live our team provides support for a successful rollout of the new capabilities. 


agile software development

In today's world, a flexible approach to changing situations and emerging business needs is warranted. While the traditional approach works well for small projects, our customers usually benefit more from an agile approach when delivering customer-specific solutions.

Our team members have been certified in multiple Agile skill sets including software development, project management, and testing.



technology stack

Whether using the traditional or agile approach Ictual always applies the most actual,  state of the art technology stack.


managed services

Delivering solutions is just the start. To get value from your investments, the solutions we deliver must stay available and perform as expected. Our service offering includes bronze, silver and gold service level agreements that can include 24/7 support. Our SLAs can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Alternatively, we also offer prepaid service contracts which allow for cost-efficient and quick service response. 


IT staffing

 As companies become increasingly more dependent on technology the demand for world-class professionals continues to soar.

Out- or insourcing we deliver expert information technology consultants who are able to contribute their experience, knowledge, and skills to propel your IT projects towards successful completion.